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A simple bootstrap based jekyll theme.




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Lone Wolf Theme is a simple bootstrap based jekyll theme. It is infamous for abstracting away the frontend code using Bootstrap 4 and Bootswatch wrappers to help us focus on the content and the functions.

Since there is no good boostrap based theme for jekyll I have created this theme in my free time. To learn both the web development and contribute to open source softwares.

Have used popular jekyll themes such as minimal mistakes. And I wanted to have my own theme so I can modify it to suit my needs.

Bootstrap is a popular frontend framework for websites. It is used for consistency in the code and is easy to maintain and extend. Bootswatch is a wrapper theme for plain bootstrap. It enhances the plain bootstrap to a great extent.

LWT is compatible with github pages. It uses animate.css for animations.


Using remote theme

Easiest way to use the theme if you dont want to make changes to the theme’s code.

  • Add remote_theme : "manid2/lone-wolf-theme" to your _config.yml file.

By forking the theme repository

If you want to make changes to the code and to truly own the site. Follow the blog on smashing magazine to learn about this method.

As a ruby gem

When you want to host the site on any server other than the github pages and also to make use of plenty of jekyll plugins.

  • Add gem "lone-wolf-theme" to your Gemfile.
  • Update bundled gems by using bundle command.
  • Add theme : "lone-wolf-theme" to your _config.yml.


Use the link to learn how to contribute to LWT.